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Copying and Copyright

Produce, supply, or otherwise exploit any program, service, or content (whether audio or audio-visual or otherwise) using the Channel or any part of it or otherwise use any part of the Channel for any commercial purpose whatsoever;

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Changing the Conditions

We will not use this right to vary the terms of any special offer which applies to you, and that you have accepted during the term of the offer.

We will give you at least one month’s notice of any changes or additions to these Conditions.

All changes referred to in this Condition 5 will be posted on Marquee TV’s official website (https://www.marquee.tv)

Your right to cancel if we make any significant change to the terms and conditions of this Contract is set out in Condition 6.


Ending the Contract

You may cancel this Contract at any point after subscription by following the instructions relevant to your subscription provided if your subscription is through a third party, such as an app store, or by logging into your account and following the cancellation process.

Emails to customer support will not qualify as notice being served for cancellation of the contract.

However, no refunds will be made for the period charged, but users will retain access until the anniversary date of the subscription.

If we reduce or vary significantly the total amount of programs available on the channel within, or the level of service of, your chosen Option, or change the terms and conditions to your detriment, you may end this Contract by giving us a minimum of one month’s notice in writing within 30 days of the change in programs or level of service or terms and conditions as applicable. If you break any of the Conditions of this Contract or act in a way towards our staff or agents which we reasonably consider to be inappropriate, we can immediately terminate the Contract at any time (including during the Minimum Term), without providing a refund. We can also terminate this Contract at any time (including during the Minimum Term) if we cease to broadcast, distribute or otherwise supply the Channel for any reason. If we do this during any Minimum Term and the effect of this change is to significantly reduce the total amount of programs available on the Channel within, or the level of service of, your chosen option, you may end this Contract by giving us one month’s notice in writing via email or by post. 

Except where you break the Conditions of this Contract, or where we cease to broadcast, distribute or otherwise supply any Channel for any reason, we will not terminate this Contract during the Minimum Term. We may during that period and later vary this Contract and the Service in the ways described in this Contract. We may terminate this Contract after the Minimum Term by giving you two months’ notice. We will not refund any Subscription Payments or other payments made under this Contract if we end this Contract because you have broken the Conditions. If during the Minimum Term, you end this Contract (other than when you have a right to do so) or we end it because you have broken the Conditions, you will have to compensate Marquee TV for any reasonable loss or costs we suffer as a result which loss or costs shall include without limitation all Subscription Payments payable by you to Marquee Arts for the full Minimum Term. Notwithstanding any term to the contrary set out herein, you shall have the right to terminate this Contract by giving us notice in writing if, within any Minimum Term, the Subscription Payment shall increase for any reason or if during the Minimum Term, the amount of Programming shall change and these changes amount to a significant reduction in the Service provided. Once the Minimum Term has expired you may end the Contract by giving us a minimum of one month’s notice in writing via email or by post. NB When the Contract ends for any of the reasons set out above, you will no longer receive the Channel.

You can access Marquee services until the end of your current subscription and will no longer be charged a monthly or annual fee after you have chosen to cancel the subscription.



Access to Marquee TV will be electronically delivered immediately upon verification of your purchase.


Right to Transfer the Contract

You may not transfer your rights or obligations under this Contract to anyone else. We can transfer some or all of our rights or obligations to another person, firm or company if this transfer does not affect the Service in a negative way.


If you give a notice that is required under this Contract it must be in writing, either via email or by post. If we give notice that is required under the conditions of this Contract we shall only be required to post this notice on our official website (marquee.tv). If we give notice that is required under any other Condition of this Contract it must be in writing.

For correspondence: Marquee TV, 33 Broadwick St. London W1F 0DQ

Registered Office for legal purposes: 51 Holland Street, Kensington, London, W8 7JB 

Data Protection

To allow you to receive the Service it is necessary for us to use and share the personal details you provide us. Where you have given us your consent we may use and share data for marketing and research purposes and we may pass such information to companies other than those set out above. You also agree that we may use and pass information to other companies for use in making credit decisions, for fraud prevention and to pursue from you any sums owing by you to us under this Contract.