Carolyn Carlson - Dare to Risk

Carolyn Carlson - Dare to Risk

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With unprecedented access to choreographer Carolyn Carlson's personal archives, this French documentary chronicles her notoriously unique creative process.

Over the last 40 years, Carolyn Carlson has created an impressive repertoire of innovative and artistic dance works that have made her one of the stand-out names of her generation. Through intimate behind-the-scenes footage and insightful interviews, this documentary peels back the many layers of Carlson's artistic vision. From the choreographer's idyllic childhood in Southern California to her life as a French national, see firsthand the passion, dedication, and artistic genius that have made her a true icon of contemporary dance.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Carolyn Carlson (Self), Juha Marsalo (Self), Tero Saarinen (Self), Sara Orselli (Self), Diana Vishneva (Self), John Davis (Self), Claire de Zorzi (Self)

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