Charlotte Schneider and friends

Charlotte Schneider and friends

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This concert explores three different periods of the early music style through five recorders/flutes along with lute, guitar, harpsichord and organ.

Beginning in the renaissance style with a madrigal by Palestrina and then moving into the baroque with Bach’s A major flute sonata with harpsichord. Next follows a later and lighter style with the csakan and the romantic guitar. Then it’s back to baroque, for the Trio Sonata from Telemann for recorder, harpsichord and continuo, arranged here for recorder and harpsichord.

The concert ends with another madrigal from Palestrina, this time with the renaissance traverso, lute and organ and with diminutions written by Charlotte Schneider.

This carefully planned program is sure to delight any early music lover.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Charlotte Schneider (Recorders and flutes), Alice Letort (Lute and romantic guitar), Irene González Roldán (Harpsichord and organ)

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