Galaxymphony Strikes Back

Galaxymphony Strikes Back

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

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The Galaxymphony saga continues!

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra breaks the sound barrier and takes you on a new spectacular symphonic space journey. The journey will take you to musical universes and cinematic galaxies all the way to the outermost asteroids and back to Earth again. The concert hall is transformed into the vast infinite universe and you will float freely between the tones from your favourite sci-fi movies and lights and stars of the symphonic galaxies, well guided through the tonal meteor storms and beeping technology by the conductor Antony Hermus and soloist Tuva Semmingsen, Christine Nonbo Andersen and David Bateson.


Cast & Crew

(Director), (Conductor), Tuva Semmingsen (Soloist), Christine Nonbo Andersen (Soloist), Steffen Bruun (Soloist), David Bateson (Soloist)

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