War Art with Eddie Redmayne

War Art with Eddie Redmayne

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Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne presents this deeply emotional documentary by Margy Kinmonth, which shines a powerful light into the abyss of warfare, where art has left a unique legacy.

“The Theory of Everything” star, who studied art history at Cambridge University, meets historians and soldiers and travels to battlefield locations, including Flanders, where he comes face-to-face with reminders of the fallen.

Redmayne interviews contemporary war artists George Butler (Syria) and Peter Howson (Bosnia), some of whose work has been deemed too horrific to be exhibited, and discovers paintings of conflict previously hidden from public view. Legendary canvasses by Paul Nash and J.S. Sargent feature, as do the modernists C.R.W. Nevinson and David Bomberg, whose bold abstract forms changed the artistic landscape forever.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Eddie Redmayne (Self)

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