Global Wagner - From Bayreuth to the World

Global Wagner - From Bayreuth to the World

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For Richard Wagner there only seems to be either lovers or haters! No other composer is - rightly - as highly controversial as Wagner. He was an anti-Semitic, he had debts everywhere and surely abandoned every person he ever shook hands with - still there are more than 125 so called Wagner Societies all around the globe. In the pursuit of an answer to the question: How, to until this day, did such massive hype and such a almost religious like, cult following develop all over the world.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Katharina Wagner (Self), Christian Thielemann (Self), Alex Ross (Self), Barrie Kosky (Self), Yuval Sharon (Self), Placido Domingo (Self), Piotr Beczała (Self), Anja Harteros (Self), Catherine Foster (Self)

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