Solomon’s Knot performs Bach motets

Solomon’s Knot performs Bach motets

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Solomon's Knot are an international, flexible collective of unconducted instrumentalists and singers who want to bring old music to new life by pushing the limits of what is possible on stage. Taking inspiration from innovative live theatre, their singers sing everything by heart, and they combine scrupulous musical preparation with high-wire risk-taking and intense, direct delivery.

They collaborate with stage directors, visual artists, other ensembles, composers, and choreographers in order to challenge what they do and learn from others. These include Tim Carroll, Federay Holmes, John la Bouchardière, Sven Werner, Mira Calix, Spira mirabilis and Les Passions de l’Ame.

In this concert, Solomon’s Knot performs some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s most well-known masterpieces and a number of works by the ‘profound' and 'expressive’ Johann Christoph Bach.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Clare Lloyd-Griffiths (Soprano), Zoë Brookshaw (Soprano), Kate Symonds-Joy (Alto), Nathan Mercieca (Alto), Thomas Herford (Tenor), Ruairi Bowen (Tenor), Jonathan Sells (Bass), Alex Ashworth (Bass), Jan Zahourek (Violone)

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