Arthur Rubinstein: Farewell to Chopin: Magic Moments of Music

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  • documentary
  • 53 Mins

In April of 1975, a piece of music history is made in London's Fairfield Hall: the legendary pianist Arthur Rubinstein, who is gradually going blind, wants to leave a legacy to the world. Chopin's Second Piano Concerto has accompanied him throughout his life. At Fairfield Hall, Rubinstein brings it to life a final time in his warm-hearted, lyrical style. For this occasion, Arthur Rubinstein returns to London, where he made his debut 63 years earlier. Now 88 years old, he is a living legend, on a par with the great composers like Rachmaninoff and Stravinsky. It is the finale of a lifetime of achievement and a grandiose performance from a past master.

Cast & Crew

Yulianna Avdeeva (Self), August Zirner (Self), Daniel Müller-Schott (Self), Alina Rubinstein (Self), Daniel Barenboim (Self), (Director), Rafał Blechacz (Self), Janina Fialkowska (Self), Annabelle Weidenfeld (Self)