Nigel Kennedy and The Four Seasons: Magic Moments of Music

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  • documentary
  • 53 Mins

In 1989, Nigel Kennedy’s recording of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons causes a turmoil in the world of classical music. The press call the musician the “punk violinist” while others treat him with scorn. However, the record goes on to sell more copies than any other classical album before or since. Kennedy succeeds in transcending the reservations of an audience that considers classical music too elitist or aloof. The film tells of the incredible rise of an outsider into superstar and of a Vivaldi interpretation that has achieved cult status.

Cast & Crew

Nigel Kennedy (Self), Arabella Steinbacher (Self), Lizzie Ball (Self), Maxim Vengerov (Self), (Director), Esther Perbandt (Self), Avi Avital (Self), (Director), Jean-Luc Ponty (Self)