How To Get Out Of The Cage - A Year With John Cage

How To Get Out Of The Cage - A Year With John Cage

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This documentary reveals the fascinating life, mind, and work of John Cage, one of the 20th century's most influential composers and thinkers.

Renowned for his groundbreaking work, including his controversial 1952 composition 4'33'', Cage was not only an artistic pioneer but a deep and philosophical thinker. When filmmaker Frank Scheffer first met Cage, their short conversation says Scheffer, ''changed my life as an artist.'' Over a decade, Scheffer collaborated closely with the composer, collecting a treasure trove of historical audio-visual material. This unique archive, comprised of interviews, musical performances, and evocative 16mm footage from Cage’s life comes together to capture the essence of this influential artist who had such a profound impact on the filmmaker.

An essential watch for creatives, expect to learn some of Cage's creative techniques and guiding philosophies like the old Chinese methods based on the I Ching, and dive into the world of boundary-changing creativity.

Cast & Crew

(Director), John Cage (Self)

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