Song of the Prophets

Song of the Prophets

Chineke! Orchestra

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The remarkable Chineke! Orchestra performs a moving call to action against climate change with contributions from traditional musicians from countries at threat; Afghan musicians Meena Karimi and Arson Fahim’s work Dawn is premiered; and Adé Williams sparkles in Joseph Bologne’s Violin Concerto No 9 before the ‘Winter Dreams’ Symphony by Tchaikovsky.

Song of the Prophets: A Requiem for the Climate
Ayanna Witter-Johnson: Creation
Daniel Kidane: Ruin
Shirley Thompson, OBE: Recovery
Roderick Williams, OBE: Redemption

Meena Karimi – Dawn
Joseph Bologne – Violin Concerto in G major – No.9, Op 8

Tchaikovsky – Symphony 1 in G minor

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Conductor), Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno (Nyatiti), Renu Hossain (Tabla), Mohamed Gueye (Talking drums), Mehboob Nadeem (Sitar), Sardor Mirzakhojaev (Dutar), Saphwat Simab (Rubab), Adé Williams (Violin)

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