Dancing Dreams

Dancing Dreams

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Witness the transformative power of dance through the lens of the late visionary choreographer Pina Bausch in this uplifting documentary film.

In 2008, Pina Bausch selected 40 unsuspecting teenagers to perform the iconic piece "Kontakthof'' (A Place to Make Contact), igniting a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. As she guides the group through a 10-month rehearsal process, Bausch's wisdom and artistic vision serve as a guiding light for the group as they navigate both the unfamiliar world of dance and the awkward complexities of adolescence.

Pina Bausch revolutionized the realm of contemporary dance with her innovative choreography, which blended elements of theater, movement, and emotion to create deeply evocative performances. Filmed a year before her passing, "Dancing Dreams" pays tribute to Bausch's innovative legacy, showcasing her profound influence on dancers and viewers alike.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Director), Pina Bausch (Self), Jo-Ann Endicott (Self), Bénédicte Billiet (Self)

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