The Heart’s Assurance (Tippett) & A Charm of Lullabies (Britten)

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  • opera
  • 32 Mins

Thomas Elwin is the tenor soloist in Tippett's The Heart’s Assurance – the most remarkable and fearless setting of poetry by young men who fought and died in WW2. These poems, thrusting sensual desire into a landscape of death, finds response in movement by Bernadette Iglich. Katie Stevenson is the soloist in Britten’s bizarre A Charm of Lullabies, composed on poems by William Blake, Robert Burns, Robert Greene, Thomas Randolph and John Phillip – maybe not the kind of thing to sing you to sleep.

Cast & Crew

Katie Stevenson (A Charm of Lullabies), Bernadette Iglich (The Heart's Assurance), Ian Tindale (Pianist), James Conway (A Charm of Lullabies), (Director), Richard Dowling (Actor, The Heart's Assurance), Thomas Elwin (Tenor)