The Twilight of the Gods

The Twilight of the Gods

Staatskapelle Weimar

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Twilight of the gods takes us on a journey to the children who have been left up to their own devices in the shadow of the power struggle between Wotan and Alberich. “In the heart of darkness” the thread of fate finally breaks for all concerned. The ruthless Gibichungs, both child-like and childish in their need for recognition and instinctive lust for power, abuse Siegfried’s innocence – Siegfried, who believes that he has at last found a family. The game of jealousy from Rhinegold finally becomes a game of deception. Having had the wool pulled over his eyes, Siegfried now betrays the woman he loves; her vengeance ends in murder. Who will cleanse and close the wounds? This is an ‘endgame’ played out with the living. This production features the Staatskapelle Weimar, conducted by Carl St. Clair, with Norbert Schmittberg, Mario Hoff, and Tomas Mowes.

Cast & Crew

(Composer), (Conductor), (Director), Norbert Schmittberg (Soloists), Renatus Mészár (Soloists), Catherine Foster (Soloists)

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