Land of Fortune

Land of Fortune

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In Episode Two of Shakespeare in Italy, Join historian Francesco da Mosto as he explores the intricate web of Italian politics and ideas that shaped Shakespeare's timeless plays. Venturing through the picturesque cities of Venice, Rome, Florence, and Naples, da Mosto investigates the rich tapestry of Italian history that served as inspiration for Shakespearean classics like "The Merchant of Venice," "Julius Caesar," and "The Tempest."

Joined by esteemed actors Ciarán Hinds and Mark Rylance, da Mosto intertwines historical context with theatrical insight. As they journey through iconic landmarks and unearth historic documents, they uncover the profound influence that Italian culture, politics, and folklore had on The Bard's masterpieces, offering a glimpse into the inspiration behind some of literature's most enduring creations.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Francesco da Mosto (Self), Ciarán Hinds (Self), Gigi Proietti (Self), Mark Rylance (Self)

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