American Tap

American Tap

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Explore the rich history of American tap dancing, from its roots in the fusion of African rhythmic traditions and Irish step dancing to its vibrant present-day expression, in this fascinating documentary.

Let the electric energy of America's tap dancing legacy put a pep in your step and some twinkle in your toes. Uncover the origins of tap dance, tracing its evolution from the streets to the stage, and its enduring impact on American culture. From its intertwined evolution with the syncopated beats of jazz music to the heyday of Vaudeville and Broadway and the postwar resurgence led by trailblazers like Gregory Hines and Savion Glover, this documentary reveals the intricate steps that have woven the tapestry of tap dance throughout the ages.

Cast & Crew

(Director), James Seawood (Narrator), Debbie Allen (Self), Dulé Hill (Self), Cornel West (Self), Michelle Dorrance (Self), Melinda Sullivan (Self), Alexandria Bradley (Self), Michela Marino Lerman (Self), Sarah Reich (Self), Joseph Wiggan (Self), Constance Valis Hill (Self), Jon Batiste (Self)

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