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Choreographer Andile Ndlovu explores the idea of reclaiming joy and putting back together that which is broken, in this co-commission from The Washington Ballet and Marquee TV.

Inspired by the yoga, pilates, and physical therapy he underwent to recover from a recent injury, Ndlovu incorporates routine tools like yoga balls and structural movements like planks and bridges, morphing them into playful and unstructured movements.

In re:member, six dancers cross space and time, moving and interacting as if they are characters on a playground. Tapping into themes of nostalgia and reclaiming joy, the dancers shift, taking on new roles and identities, bending, folding, and evoking familiar classroom shapes.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Choreographer), Nardia Boodoo, Gilles Delellio, Lope Lim, Ashley Murphy-Wilson, Maki Onuki, Isaac Soriano

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