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In Episode Eight of Power of Art, join esteemed historian Simon Schama as he delves into the extraordinary work of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko.

Starting in Latvia, Schama explores the artist’s upbringing and inspirations before journeying to New York, where Rothko studied under Cubist painter Max Weber.

Transitioning from Surrealism to large-scale abstracts, we see how Rothko challenged tradition and looked for visceral links to human emotion. Sir Simon reveals how he liberated color from objects, creating a new painting language that was free of human shapes.

Black on Maroon epitomizes Rothko’s vision, but it was never installed due to his disdain for art as mere decoration for the affluent.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Simon Schama (Self), Allan Corduner (Mark Rothko), Simon Quarterman (Young Simon)

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