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The two middle sections of the tetralogy set out two ways of experiencing life. On the one hand we are presented in THE VALKYRIE with Bru¨nnhilde, whose evolution takes her from her discovery of sorrow and empathy to a conscious reflection on what it is to be human. By contrast, Siegfried’s path is mapped out solely as a function of his sensory experience. Where initially the young man’s self-image stems only from his exploration of his own boundless strength, other senses and sensibilities soon come to bear, along with an awakening sexuality. SIEGFRIED presents an encounter not only between man and woman but between two principles – Siegfried’s innate, unquestioned vigour on one side and Bru¨nnhilde’s wisdom born of observation on the other. And as these two diametrical forces unite in a love embrace, the end of the opera seems to be presenting the basis for a renewal of human society.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Clay Hilley (Siegfried), Ya-Chung Huang (Mime), Iain Paterson (Der Wanderer), Jordan Shanahan (Alberich), Tobias Kehrer (Fafner), Judit Kutasi (Erda), Nina Stemme (Brünnhilde), Sebastian Scherer (Forest Bird), (Conductor), (Composer)

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