Malpaso Dance Company

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Presented by Fall For Dance North, Choreographer Aszure Barton captures the colourful spirit of Havana with Cuba’s Malpaso Dance Company.

Directed by Vikram Dasgupta and filmed on-site in the breezy courtyard of a classic Baroque building in Havana, Cuba, dancers fill the space with captivating kinetic energy. Like the bustling streets of the city, friends and loved ones flow through space to the rhythm of jazz.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Choreographer), Daile Carrazana, Daniela Miralles, Iliana Solís, Beatriz García, Osnel Delgado, Heriberto Meneses, Osvaldo Cardero, Armando Gómez, Leonardo Dominguez, Esteban Aguiar

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