Ron Carter: New Foursight Quartet

Ron Carter: New Foursight Quartet

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Legendary jazz bassist Ron Carter brings his New Foursight Quartet to Poland’s Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa festival.

Ron Carter is credited with being the most recorded jazz bassist in history, appearing in over 2,000 recordings. In this concert recording, he is joined by Rene Rosnes on piano, Jimmy Greene on tenor sax, and Payton Crossley on drums. Together the New Foursight Quartet plays songs off their album, Dear Miles’, a tribute album to the great jazz legend Miles Davis.

Set List:
M. Bow Tie
Flamenco Sketches
Seven Steps to Heaven
Bass Solo
My Funny Valentine
You And the Night Music

Cast & Crew

(Director), Ron Carter (Self), Rene Rosnes (Piano), Jimmy Greene (Tenor saxophone), Payton Crossle (Drums)

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