Karl Jenkins: The Composer Behind the Moustache

Karl Jenkins: The Composer Behind the Moustache

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In this heart-warming autobiographical documentary, get to know Welsh composer Karl Jenkins as he celebrates his 80th birthday.

With his roots in Jazz Rock's ''Soft Machine,'' his trademark friendly moustache, and gentle demeanor, Karl Jenkins is an unassuming giant of the choral world. His choral works, with his made-up Adiemus language, have the unique ability to convey an emotional message to a mainstream audience, going beyond the boundaries of traditional classical music. His most famous work ''The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace'', is performed twice a week on average across the world.

Discover a new appreciation for the world of choral music and the genius of Karl Jenkins. Sit down with Jenkins as he reflects on his unconventional career path and meet some of the people who have supported his music throughout his journey.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Karl Jenkins (Self)

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