Dances at a Gathering - The Cellist

The Royal Ballet 

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  • ballet
  • 139 Mins

A brilliant double bill from The Royal Ballet featuring Cathy Marston’s The Cellist, and a joyful revival of Jerome Robbins’ 1972 dance showcase, Dances at The Gathering.

The Cellist is inspired by the moving true story of cello superstar Jacqueline du Pré, whose career was suddenly cut short by her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Choreographer Cathy Marston delicately weaves du Pre’s passionate story into a piece that has been hailed as a ‘joyfully giddy tribute’ (The Guardian). In Marston’s masterful interpretation, du Pré’s cello ( Marcelino Sambé) comes to life as steady dance partner and a faithful first love, even as du Pré (Lauren Cuthbertson) falls madly in love with conductor Daniel Barenboim (Matthew Ball).

The ultimate piano solo ballet, Jerome Robbins’ Dances at The Gathering is a pure dance showcase. Set to Chopin’s beloved piano music, this modern classic features five couples dancing in a series of breathtaking pas de deux and effervescent ensemble numbers, no plots, no roles, just dancers, music, and movement.

Cast & Crew

Luca Acri (Brick), (Conductor), Matthew Ball (The Conductor), Yasmine Naghdi (Apricot), Marianela Nuñez (Pink), William Bracewell (Green), Laura Morera (Green), Federico Bonelli (Purple), Kristen McNally (Her Mother), Lauren Cuthbertson (The Cellist), Lauren Godfrey ( Her Sister (As a Young Girl)), Thomas Whitehead (Her Father), (Composer), Marcelino Sambé (The Instrument), (Choreographer), Fumi Kaneko (Blue), Valentino Zucchetti (Blue), (Choreographer), (Director), Alexander Campbell (Brown), Francesca Hayward (Mauve), Emma Lucano (The Cellist (As a Young Girl)), Anna Rose O’Sullivan (Her Sister)