The Dante Project

The Dante Project

The Royal Ballet

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The Royal Ballet presents Wayne McGregor’s three-part ballet inspired by Dante’s The Divine Comedy.

Travel through Dante’s 14th-century vision of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise accompanied by an original score from composer/conductor Thomas Adès. With a new narrative arc centered around a young woman, Beatrice, Dante’s extraordinary vision unfolds in a spectacular show of movement, sound, space, and light.

Cast & Crew

(Composer), (Conductor), (Choreographer), (Orchestra), London Symphony Chorus (Chorus), (Director), Edward Watson (Dante), Gary Avis (Virgil), Sarah Lamb (Beatrice), Beatriz Stix-Brunell, Marcelino Sambé, Francesca Hayward, Matthew Ball, Calvin Richardson, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Luca Acri, James Hay, Fumi Kaneko

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