Dowland Dances

Dowland Dances

The Washington Ballet

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Choreographer Silas Farley's piece, Dowland Dances, draws inspiration from the idea that art can transcend history, evolving and moving forward while drawing inspiration from the past.

The piece is set to Sting’s rendition of music by the English Renaissance composer John Dowland. Farley was intrigued by the idea that Dowland, a pop star of his own generation, has inspired and lived on through a contemporary pop star like Sting. Farley has similarly drawn inspiration from ballet’s long history, mixing the old with the new, to create this unique piece.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Choreographer), Adelaide Clauss, Jessy Dick, Ayano Kimura, Ashley Murphy-Wilson, Maki Onuki, Brittany Stone, Nicholas Cowden, Gilles Delellio

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