Carolyn Carlson Company

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Carolyn Carlson turns to the thought of philosophers Gaston Bachelard and Rudolf Steiner as the inspiration for this show; calling her art ‘visual poetry’, not ‘choreography’. Here, dance is a universal language in which movement seems to be an extension of the soul. With a few accessories, a French window, a table, the choreographer brings back memories of ordinary lives. The everyday scenes, burdened with the weight of memory, are part of an emotional temporality whose point of reference is the universe of the home. This is a protection against the passage of time, even though the universe is also threatened with extinction. Carlson invites us to think of "the dialectic of the outside and the inside" as well as the "intimate immensity" of which Bachelard speaks in his book The Poetics of Space.

Cast & Crew

(Choreographer), Constantine Baecher, (Director), (Composer), Chrystel Zingiro (CostumeDesign), Claire de Zorzi (SetDesign), Juha Marsalo, Céline Maufroid, Riccardo Meneghini

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