Julius Caesar

Royal Shakespeare Company

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  • theater
  • 162 Mins

Bloody and fiery, Angus Jackson’s 2017 production of Julius Caesar won critical acclaim.

Starring Andrew Woodall as the doomed emperor returning from war to find conspiracy afoot. Mutiny is rumbling through the corridors of power and although Brutus loves Caesar he is persuaded to kill him for the greater good . However betrayal leads to violence and it all spins out of control .The RSC’s Julius Caesar was part of the 2017 Rome Collection.

Cast & Crew

Jon Tarcy (Octavius Caesar), Andrew Woodall (Julius Caesar), Alex Waldmann (Brutus), (Writer), (Director), Hannah Morrish (Portia), Martin Hutson (Cassius), James Corrigan (Marc Antony), Kristin Atherton (Calpurnia)