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Shakespeare’s noble Moor gets a contemporary retelling in the RSC’s thrilling production of Othello, starring Holby City’s Hugh Quarshie.

Shakespeare’s tale of love and jealousy follows the tragic story of Othello the Moor and his secret marriage to the Venitian beauty Desdemona.

See this familiar tragedy from a whole new angle in Iqbal Khan’s ground breaking modern-dress production.The production made history by being the first in Stratford to cast a black actor ( Lucian Msamati) as Iago. The casting choice strategically enhances the Elizabethan story adding a missing layer of kinship and connection. Khan boldly challenges the idea of Othello as a ‘’Noble’’ Moore, exposing his questionable morals and tactics as a general and a friend. The immersive set, designed by Ciaran Bagnall, features a full wading pool on stage, paying homage to the story’s Venitian origin. The percussive score, written by Akintayo Akinbod, adds an extra layer of drama to the play.

This production is a must see for any Shakespeare fan.

Cast & Crew

Hugh Quarshie (Othello), Lucian Msamati (Iago), Joanna Vanderham (Desdemona), Jacob Fortune-Lloyd (Cassio), Ayesha Dharker (Emilia), James Corrigan (Roderigo), Scarlett Brookes (Bianca), (Director), (Writer)

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