Richard III

Richard III

Royal Shakespeare Company

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Gregory Doran's thrilling production of Shakespeare's Richard III featuring Arthur Hughes.

''Now is the winter of our discontent '' ( Act 1, Scene 1). In the aftermath of the bloody Wars of the Roses, the amoral and narcissistic Duke of Gloucester begins his ruthless climb to power. Through blood, terror, and tyranny, he claims the crown as King Richard III.

Dead-eyed and murderous, Arthur Hughes (The Innocents, Help) gives an exceptional performance as Shakespeare's most evil villain, Richard III. Gregory Doran's production is a beautiful traditional staging of this historical tale featuring moody sets designed by Stephen Brimson Lewis. Leaning into every fiendishly dark detail, Doran still manages to eke out brilliant bits of humor.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Nicholas Armfield (Earl of Richmond), Micah Balfour (Lord Hastings), Oscar Batterham (Lord Rivers), Arthur Hughes (Richard, Duke of Gloucester), Claire Benedict (Duchess of York), Kirsty Bushell (Queen Elizabeth), Sophie Cartman (Scrivener), Callum Coates (Brackenbury), Simon Coates (Lord Stanley), Matthew Duckett (Catesby), Isaac Fox (Richard, Duke of York), Will Edgerton (Tyrrell / Grey), Minnie Gale (Queen Margaret), Ashley D Gayle (King Edward IV), Conor Glean (Murderer), Ben Hall (George, Duke of Clarence), Olivia Onyehara (Dorset), Thom Petty (Ratcliffe), Mark Quartley (Ghost of Henry VI), Joeravar Sangha (Murderer), Eloise Secker (Jane Shore), Rosie Sheehy (Lady Anne), Jamie Wilkes (Duke of Buckingham), Henry Fox (Richard, Duke of York)

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