All's Well That Ends Well

All's Well That Ends Well

Royal Shakespeare Company

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The Royal Shakespeare Company's fresh and vibrant contemporary restaging of Shakespeare's dark comedy, All's Well That Ends Well directed by Blanche McIntyre.

Bursting with energy and creativity, Blanche McIntyre has triumphantly brought this problematic dark comedy into the 21st Century, exploring themes of toxic masculinity, consent, and romantic fantasy in a social media-addicted era.

Low-born Helena is convinced that she and the high-born Bertram are meant to be. Bertram does not, so he runs off to fight in the Italian wars with his "#bff" Parolles, where he meets Diana. The lopsided love triangle all comes crashing down when the two women meet and devise a diabolical plan.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Director), (Director), (Director), Bruce Alexander (King of France), Laila Alj (First Soldier), Micah Balfour (Older Dumain), Oscar Betterham (Lord 4/Second Soldier), Claire Benedict (The Countess), Sophie Cartman (Rinaldo/Duke of Florence), Callum Coates (Gentleman), Simon Coates (Lafeu), Matthew Duckett (Lord 3/First Gentleman), Will Edgerton (Lavache), Jessica Layde (Mariana), Funlola Olufunwa (Widow), Olivia Onyehara (Diana), Ewan Orton (Lord 2/Escalus/Messenger), Thom Petty (2nd Gentleman), Joeravar Sangha (Lord 1/Page/Antonio), Eloise Secker (Younger Dumain), Rosie Sheehy (Helena), Jamie Wilkes (Parolles), Benjamin Westerby (Bertram)

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