The Winter's Tale

The Winter's Tale

Royal Shakespeare Company

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Director Erica Whyman transforms Shakespeare's emotionally charged play into a dystopian drama filled with The Handmaid's Tale-like horrors.

Set in the 16 years between the 1953 coronation and the moon landing, Whyman crafts a beautiful narrative where the shadows of a tumultuous Europe collide with the timeless story of jealousy and redemption.

King Leontes, consumed by baseless jealousy, tears his family apart, suspecting his pregnant wife, Queen Hermione, of infidelity with his friend, King Polixenes of Bohemia. His loyal courtier, Camillo, warns the Queen triggering a dramatic escape to Bohemia. Across 16 years, amidst grief and remorse, a journey of redemption unfolds as Leontes seeks the child he abandoned, wondering if there's still time for reconciliation before it's too late.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Annette Badland (Old Shepherd), Zora Bishop (Emilia / Cleomenes / Mopsa), Adrian Bower (Camillo), Priyanga Burford (Hermione), Becci Gemmell (Autolycus), Will Keen (Leontes), Norah Lopez-Holden (Perdita), Luke MacGregor (Florizel), Jordan Metcalfe (Clown), Oliver Ryan (Polixenes), Sirine Saba (Paulina), Howard Ward (Antigonus), Rose Wardlaw (Maillius / Time / Dion / Dorcas)

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