The Narcissistic Fish

The Narcissistic Fish

Scottish Opera

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Scottish Opera presents a groundbreaking new digital opera about a fiery family feud.

A simple phone call triggers a fierce feud between brothers Angus and Kai, co-owners of The Narcissistic Fish restaurant. Amidst their heated exchange, Belle, an underpaid yet talented chef, has a profound revelation.

This short, thought-provoking, work offers a unique opera experience. Filmed on an immersive set, composer Samuel Bordoli's evocative music intertwines seamlessly with Jenni Fagan's provocative libretto, unraveling a visceral saga that delves into the intersections of class, gender, and workplace pressures in 21st-century Scotland.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Composer), Arthur Bruce (Angus), Charlie Drummond (Belle), Mark Nathan (Kai)

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