A Wish for Wings (Ep 1)

A Wish for Wings (Ep 1)

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In episode one of ''In Search of the Brontës,'' journey back to the formative years of Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Brontë.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of their beloved Parsonage in Haworth, Yorkshire, discover the profound influence of their father, Patrick, who served as their greatest supporter and mentor, nurturing their literary talents amidst triumphs and hardships. Through the joys and sorrows of their early lives, the resilience of the Brontë family helped influence their literary greatness. From the serene confines of the parsonage to the untamed moors that inspired their iconic works, this charming dramatized documentary provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of three extraordinary sisters bound for literary immortality.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Patricia Routledge (Narrator), Victoria Hamilton (Charlotte Brontë), Patrick Malahide (Patrick Bronté), Elizabeth Hurran (Emily Brontë), Alexandra Milman (Anne Bronté)

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