Gone Like Dreams (Ep 2)

Gone Like Dreams (Ep 2)

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Episode two of ''In Search of the Brontës,'' focuses on the latter portion of the family's lives, uncovering the heart of their remarkable legacy, the profound connections between love, literature, and life's complexities that shaped their extraordinary journey.

As their novels caused a literary storm, the Brontë sisters were forced to navigate the challenges of newfound fame while grappling with the hardships of life that tested their resilience and strength. This charming dramatized documentary breathes life into the family's story, offering a fascinating portrait of their enduring legacy and the indelible mark they left on the literary world.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Patricia Routledge (Narrator), Patrick Malahide (Charlotte Brontë), Elizabeth Hurran (Emily Brontë), Alexandra Milman (Anne Bronté)

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