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Step into the gripping world of 'Creature', a contemporary dance film by renowned choreographer Akram Khan (Giselle) in collaboration with the English National Ballet. Inspired by 'Frankenstein' and 'Woyzeck', it's a raw tale of an outsider's struggle for belonging.

The profound, and at times disturbing, story of ''Creature'' unfolds within the icy walls of an abandoned Arctic research station. Unknowingly drafted into a military experiment, Creature (Jeffrey Cirio) undergoes rigorous testing by a zealous doctor who pushes Creature to the limits of his mental and physical ability. Amid his cruel reality, Creature finds solace and love in the kind and compassionate cleaner, Marie (Erina Takahashi). When the relentless Major's fixation with Marie shatters the fragile balance, Creature is plunged into a heart-wrenching struggle for escape and survival.

This vividly cinematic film merges Akram Khan's evocative choreography and Asif Kapadia's visionary direction to create an emotionally charged film. ''Creature'' explores yearning, power, and the resilience of human connections. Experience this intense and compelling narrative brought to life by the English National Ballet.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Choreographer), Jeffrey Cirio (Creature), Erina Takahashi (Marie), Stina Quagebeur (Doctor), Ken Saruhashi (Captain), Fabian Reimair (Major), Victor Prigent (Andres), Andy Serkis (Voice), English National Ballet (Ballet Company), (Composer), Uzma Hasan (Producer), Heather Clark Charrington (Producer), Daniel Alicandro (Producer), Louise Shand-Brown (Producer), Asif Kapadia (Producer), Sylvie Landra A.C.E (VideoProduction), Daniel Landin B.S.C (VideoProduction), Tim Yip (CostumeDesign)

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