Compagnie Accrorap

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OPUS 14 serves as a continuation of Kader Attou's previous work “Prière pour un fou” (Prayer for a Fool), “Corps étrangers” (Foreign Bodies), Symfonia Piesni Zalosnych, and The Roots; with recent choreographic studies leading to his further blending of artistic influences.

How does this dancing collective manage to generate a dynamic, to become part of space? How do the dancers play with the limits of gravity, a fundamental principle of movement? How do they adapt the idea of elevation in zero gravity? Power, otherness, commitment, poetry of bodies. Ultimately, OPUS 14 is a piece of hip hop. It aims to create a sense of harmony between the dancers, Oliver Borne's scenography and Régis Baillet's music to set a painting come to life.

Attou describes OPUS 14 as 'a tribute to the weakest and an ode to dancing humanity.'

Cast & Crew

(Choreographer), Mickaël Arnaud, (Director), (Composer), Nadia Genez (CostumeDesign), Sim'Hamed Benhalima, Damien Bourletsis, Amine Boussa, Sarah Bouyahyaoui

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