The Poet

The Poet

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This dance piece explores life with Dementia (and Alzheimer's Disease) by combining dance, music, and film with Khalil Gibran’s moving poetry.

The Poet focuses on the relationship between a father, John Welker, and his daughter, Rachel Van Buskirk, as he grapples with losing his memory. As his memory fades he struggles to hold on to what he knows through his poetry, revealing a life-affirming inner world that is both mysterious and beautiful.

This unique piece was designed for film and is filled with beautiful cinematic scenes. The Poet was choreographed and co-directed by Tara Lee with breathtaking cinematography from Guay and Cody Collins. Watch the dancers of Terminus Modern Ballet explore the difficult topic of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease through the mysterious and indefinable medium of dance.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Director), (Choreographer), John Welker, Rachel Van Buskirk, Christian Clark, Heath Gill, Laura Morton, Isaiah Franklin, Abigayle Wright

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