The Norwegian National Ballet

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Experience Henrik Iben's 'Ghosts' transformed into a mesmerizing ballet by choreographers Marit Moum Aune and Cina Esprejord for the Norwegian National Ballet.

Oswald Alving, torn from his Parisian bohemian lifestyle, returns to a quaint Norwegian fjord where a new orphanage is set to honor his late father. Mrs. Alving, anticipating her son's arrival, begins to reveal powerful family secrets that shake the foundations of the family.

This critically acclaimed ballet adaptation immerses audiences in a haunting psychological thriller, delving deep into the complexities of truth and deception. With haunting elegance and emotional depth, it explores the complexities of truth and deception through the powerful language of dance. Witness an unforgettable performance praised by Dance Europe as ''an extraordinary accomplishment.''

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Director), (Choreographer), Ole Willy Falkhaugen (Pastor Manders), Mark Wax (Young Pastor Manders), Andreas Heise (Oswald / Mr. Alving), Camilla Spidsoe (Mrs Alving), Natasha Jones (Young Mrs Alving), Grete Sofie Borund Nybakken (Regina), (Composer)

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