The Roots

Compagnie Accrorap

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  • dance
  • 91 Mins

Combining hip-hop street moves with Indian kathak and contemporary dance, French-born Algerian choreographer Kader Attou creates a unique fusion of styles in this piece. After twenty years in the company Accrorap, and nourished by encounters with a variety of cultures from India to Brazil, Kader Attou wished to explore his own roots. But although it references these origins, The Roots is no exercise in archaeology or a return to the past. The piece is above all a human adventure, a journey. Eleven excellent hip hop dancers create a group in total symbiosis, as at ease in the overall movements as in the solos. They are bound by the strong evocative power of the soundtrack, which includes Brahms, Beethoven and electro.

Cast & Crew

Fabrice Crouzet (LightingDesign), (Composer), (Director), Bruce Chiefare, Nadia Genez (CostumeDesign), Olivier Borne (SetDesign), (Composer), Babacar "Bouba" Cissé, (Choreographer), João Garcia (VideoProduction)