Ballet Unleashed

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Ballet Unleashed presents a new cinema meets dance short film from award-winning choreographer/filmmaker Loughlan Prior.

New Zealand choreographer Laughlan Prior (Cinderella, The Firebird, Hansel & Gretel) took inspiration from the symmetry, shape, and hidden meanings of the infamous Rorschach Inkblot Tests to create his innovative dance short. Dancers from around the world come together in an imaginative digital world of dripping ink and amorphous black-and-white forms. Set to an original score by composer Claire Cowan, Prior’s bold visual landscape comes to life in a surreal, yet playful, work that highlights the artistic harmony of dance.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Choreographer), (Composer), Lauren-Frances Wood, My Le, Anna Stewart, Saige Palleske, Avery Grierson, Charly Hopkins, Zachary Healy, Leila Bershad, Anaya Bobst (Producer), John Dalrymple (Producer)

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