Ballet Unleashed

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One of the first commissioned projects from Ballet Unleashed includes a new creation by internationally renowned choreographer Cathy Marston. In response to an emerging landscape for current artists, Marston’s new choreographic work Switchback offers
a physical narrative portraying a dancer’s quest to chase their dreams.

In Marstons’ words, this is a coming of age story about a young adult who leaves their home in order to chase their dream. The film follows their story as they set out on a quest to leave what is comfortable and embark on the unknown. Their story is echoed through the stories of other characters on the same journey, taking risks, getting lost and facing challenges to reach their goal.

By drawing from her personal experiences and that of collaborating artists, this dance film will feature site-specific solos and duets, performed by six dancers from locations all over the world. The piece will be co-directed with Director/Producer Lauren Finerman.

Cast & Crew

(Director), (Director), (Choreographer), Inara Wheeler, David West, Annabelle Hustace, Marusya Madubuko, Tristan Toy, Michaela Marrable, Anaya Bobst (Producer), John Dalrymple (Producer), (Composer)

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