Othello with David Harewood (Ep 5)

Othello with David Harewood (Ep 5)

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In Episode Five of Shakespeare Uncovered, join David Harewood for a thought-provoking exploration of Shakespeare's "Othello."

As the first black actor to portray Othello at London's National Theatre in 1997, Harewood brings a unique perspective to the timeless tale of jealousy and betrayal. Through insightful interviews with esteemed actors and directors such as Imogen Stubbs, Sir Patrick Stewart, Simon Russell Beale, and Adrian Lester, Harewood gains valuable insights into the enduring relevance of the play's themes. From its origins in Elizabethan England to its modern-day interpretations, Harewood delves into the complex issues of race that have surrounded the play throughout history, challenging preconceptions and embracing the timeless humanity at the play's core.

Cast & Crew

(Director), David Harewood (Self), Adrian Lester (Self), Simon Russell Beale (Self), Ian McKellen (Self), Julia Stiles (Self), Patrick Stewart (Self)

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