Cold Storage

Cold Storage

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This captivating short dance film unveils the story of a lonely ice fisherman who finds an unlikely friend trapped within the depths of the frozen sea ice.

Against the backdrop of a desolate Arctic shore, a lonely fisherman's fate intertwines with that of a frozen prehistoric man encased in ice. As twilight descends, the ice-bound figure defrosts, revealing an unexpected friend and dance partner. Yet, as the dawn's unforgiving light breaks, revelations shatter the facade of their newfound connection. Combining the art of silent narrative, deadpan Nordic humor, and an original soundtrack by avant-garde accordion wizard Kimmo Pohjonen, this acclaimed short film has taken the festival circuit by storm. Its enigmatic storytelling and mesmerizing choreography have earned it both critical praise and an enthusiastic following.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Eero Vesterinen, Valtteri Raekallio

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