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Ballet superstar Tiler Peck faces a tight deadline to execute her innovative program for The Music Center's BalletNow performance.

As the first woman to curate this prestigious event, Peck takes on the roles of producer, director, and dancer, adding to the pressure. With a bold vision to blend diverse artistic and dance styles, she collaborates with some of the best in the business, like clown artist Bill Irwin and tap dance icon Michelle Dorrance. Join Peck on her journey as she navigates the challenges leading up to opening night at The Los Angeles Music Center, where her ambitious vision will take center stage.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Tiler Peck (Self), Isabella Boylston (Self), Zachary Catazaro (Self), Preston Chamblee (Self), Reece Clarke (Self), Harrison Coll (Self), Lauren Cuthbertson (Self), Elisabeth Moss (Producer), Paul Allen (Producer)

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