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Novelist Bruce Jay Friedman's razor-sharp and still outrageous comedy portrays God as an overworked steambath attendant who doles out "wrath" and "blessed events" in between assignments of scrubbing floors and walls. Bill Bixby (Courtship of Eddie’s Father) and Valerie Perrine (Lenny) star, along with Jose Perez as the wisecracking, blasé, card-trick-playing Lord, who watches while a collection of assorted types - a juvenile delinquent, an old time seaman, a naked ingénue, a Jewish guy nurtured on 30's culture, a pair of elderly homosexual men, and a gambler addicted to the stock market - sit amidst the sweat and mist seemingly uncertain of exactly why they are there.

Cast & Crew

(Director), Bill Bixby (Tandy), Stephen Elliott (Oldtimer), Herb Edelman (Bieberman), Valerie Perrine (Meredith), Patrick Spohn (Young Man), José Pérez (Attendant), Neil J. Schwartz (Young Man), Peter Kastner (Gottlieb), Kenneth Mars (Broker)

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